Summit Ridge Investments, LLC

Gregory S. Millard

Mr. Millard is the Managing Principal and Founder of SRI, with 20 years experience across the spectrum of financial markets and services.  Within SRI, Mr. Millard directs and executes the firm's research, advisory and asset management activities.  In prior capacities, Mr. Millard has evaluated both public and private, debt and equity securities and their associated sectors/markets, managing institutional debt and equity portfolios of $2.2 billion with Prudential Capital Group and $1.5 billion with Security Capital Group, respectively.  In addition to a primary research focus, Mr. Millard has comprehensive transaction experience derived from the origination of over $650 million private placement debt instruments within Prudential Capital Group, as well as from SRI engagements.  Origination activities incorporate all stages of transaction execution including prospect identification, financial and legal due diligence, valuation, structuring, negotiation and closing activities.  Mr. Millard's education includes a BSBA in Accounting from Bucknell University and MBA in Finance from Cornell University.

External Strategic Partners

SRI maintains a network of strategic partners, providing scalability and key support functionality as required.